Signing a MoU with Al Qarara Municipality
  • 30 March 2021
  • General

A memorandum of understanding was signed between iPark, the Business & Technology Incubator, and the municipality of Qarara in the Gaza Strip with the goal of enhancing the use and employment of information technology in the municipality to develop work procedures and improve service quality. As the two parties seek joint cooperation and to enhance the concept of computing that employs Hi-Tech technology in order to improve the level of services provided to citizens, as well as to provide the necessary infrastructure to make life easier for citizens in all walks of life, and accordingly the aforementioned parties' desire for joint cooperation in order to seek applications utilizes Hi-Tech tools. It was agreed between the two parties to cooperate in the following areas:

1.The field of training and qualifying trainees: providing a training environment that helps trainees to practically apply the basic skills, including providing:

  • Relevant historical data.
  • Information needed to analyze the system and procedures.
  • Geographical databases available. 

2.Field of application and experience: the municipality is working on experimenting with applications and trying to integrate them with the operating systems in the municipality. 

3.The field of the smart neighborhood model and improving the level of services provided to citizens and the infrastructure supporting them:

  • Cooperation and joint endeavor in implementing the components of the smart neighborhood.
  • Smart and energy-saving lighting.
  • Hybrid grid for electricity.
  • General hygiene and smart containers.
  • Charging points, wireless internet and desalinated drinking water.